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About us

About us


Coating and converting of paper products are our main lines of work and the key line for our entire activity is the development and production of environmentally friendly products. At the same time as new materials and methods see the light of day many have also persisted for decades and have experienced their well deserved renaissance due to the rapid spread of environmental thinking and adaptation to the cycle of reuse both among producers and consumers.

As a strong link in the process chain forged by our costumers we have a determined ambition to be a knowledgeable and flexible partner. The foundation of a long-term relationship is our ability to deliver products of the right quality within the right time – functional, worth their price and adapted to the environment.

Over and above this is our striving for constant improvement through sensitivity to the wishes of our customers and by the development of our own methods and knowledge.

Welcome to Artinova Speciality Papers.